Kitten Kitten Kitten <3 These half wild kitten grow up in their big family and love to discover the world and play... It is so relaxing and joyful to sit in the middle of these cuties and just watch them.

I’m not a cat person, but in my opinion kitten are one of the cutest animal babies. So if you fell in love by watching this pictures, a few of them are still searching for a new home 🙂

A trip to the garden of the Schwetzinger Castle… The best time of year to watch the beauty of this garden…

Mallorca and the time of the almond trees, a dream…

We had a few very cute cat babies, aren’t they adorable?

*Translation is following*

Im Winter durfte ich Zeit auf einem Gestüt verbringen und einen ganz besonderen Ausflug zu einer halbwilden Pferdeherde erleben. Emiliano, der Besitzer der Pferde hält sie in einem riesigen Naturreservat, was mehrere Quadratkilometer umfasst. Die Pferde leben dort halb wild, werden ein mal jährlich gefangen um entwurmt zu werden und die Herden zu sortieren. Da die Pferde nicht gepflegt werden, werden ihnen Mähne, Schopf und Schweif rasiert. Das verhindert ein unangenehmes und schmerzhaftes Verfangen in den wilden Sträuchern und Büschen. Es handelt sich hier allerdings nicht um wilde Pferde, sondern um PRE’s mit Papieren, die auch teilweise verkauft werden um sie dann anzureiten. Es ist irre toll zu beobachten, wieviel natürliches Interesse die Pferde an Menschen zeigen, wenn man sie einfach Pferd sein lässt.

Diese hochtragende Stute wird bald ihr Fohlen zur Welt bringen. Mitten in der Natur, im Schutz der Herde…

During my travels i spent the February in Thailand. First i lived with a cute family in a beautiful villa on Koh Samui, after this i went to Koh Tao
(known for scuba diving) to take pictures of the local tennis club . These pics decorate their Website which goes online very soon. Thank you for your trust and the amazing time! I hope to meet you again…
A wonderful Club from Dally Randriantefy, a professional Tennis player who already played in Wimbledon a few years ago.
Here a few impressions.

It was a challenge to photograph such a fast sport, at the beginning i was not sure if i can make it. It was a lot to work, but in the end i am very happy with my work and the customers too! And we had a lot of fun 🙂
Yes, you grow with challenges…

Namibia. Africa got me again…
Three years ago i went to Southafrica and it was a different kind of travel. Since then i wanted to go to Namibia, that happened this wintertime.
Arrived at the beginning of January, I worked on a big cattle- and horsefarm in Hochfeld, around 120km northeast from Windhoek. I was responsible for the training of the young horses, what i really enjoyed. Nine Youngsters between two and five, some of them very green and some of them ridden, so i had a lot to do. I really fell in love with these horses. Not only how pretty the are, also the character was something very special and very useful. So i enjoyed my two weeks with the Swanepol Family. Here you can see a few pics from the farm. Almost eightthousand cattle live there, bought in a young age to feed them one year and sell them again.

The cattle (most of them male) are a mixture between the african breed and another one. It was amazing to see, how many different colors they have. The African one are the “longear” cattle with the wrinkles in their face <3 Some of them have more african blood than others. We had small animals and insects as well, so i spent a lot of time with my camera outside to search for the small things...

But my highlight was a gecko, that waited for me at the horse stable on my first day. So i quickly picked my camera to test my new macro lense. With iso 4000 the picture looks quite amazing! I am very happy with it.

What i mostly enjoy during traveling, is meeting so beautiful people. I am impressed of their stories, their cultures and everything.
So on the farm i met Evi, a sympathetic young woman who works in a zoo in Germany. Together we worked the horses, and Evi turned out to be my photo assistant. So we had a few shoots together and i would to show you a few pics.
Thank you Evi for your help and your patience, you did a great job!

Actually i was standing in front of the camera too, and Evi found a new passion 😉
I take a nice time together in my memories, we had a few nice rides through the bush and a few great hours on the Flamingo pond..
You can see Evi on the left, me on the right.

The flamingos close to the farm. I really don’t know how to describe it – it was amazing. I think pictures say more than words now.

If your are wondering about the different backgrounds: The flamingos flew in rounds over the pond, on one side we had big dark clouds, the sun was shining in front and lighted up the flamingos. On the other side we had blue sky with just a few clouds.
Beautiful scenery!

My first Safari in Namibia (i already had two in Southafrica) was in the Etosha Nationalpark, ca. 300km north from Windhoek. Wilddog Safari picked me up at the hostel.
First of all i would like to show you two of my favorite shots from this safari. They both came so close, it was amazing…

Wilddog Safari was recommended by the Family of the farm where i worked. Because i am always traveling with my camera equipment, it was a nice opportunity to work for Wilddog Safari. The company was very happy to find a photographer in such an uncomplicated way, and they needed some shots for their website, Facebook etc. So it was a winwin-situation and we were all happy about it. Thanks so much for your trust! Of course i will recommend Wilddog Safari 🙂
You will find my pictures on their website very soon. Then a short report about it will appear in the category “press”.
Here are a few pics from the different animals in the Etosha Nationalpark…

A picture, that doesn’t need many words <3

The Bushmen… A very special meeting with very special people, which i got to know on my travels. Organized with a safari company we spent half a day with the family and got to know their lifestyle.

The kids are always with the adults and are very happy to spend some time with the family members 🙂

The men are responsible for the hunting. With the translation of a dolmetscher they explained us the basics of hunting and other very important things. The Bushmen and – Woman are very sympathethic, open minded and funny! And they seem to be happy. Amazing to meet people, that live a total different life than we do. Without Laptop, usual clothes, supermarkets.

Much smaller and more tiny, but with a strong body. Can you imagine that these small man can hunt and kill a zebra just with the speer? Without shoes?.
I would say that i am a small woman with 1,64m size, but i am sure you can imagine how big i felt 🙂

As some of you might know i am traveling since the beginning of December.
Stop number one was Rancho la Paz in Andalucia (Spain) near Malaga. I spent more than two weeks there with photographing and riding horses.
On this stud farm live around 100 andalucian horses separated in different groups, depending on age.

Here you will get an impression of my adventure and the horses.

We had a few nice rides which i really enjoyed.

A big thank you goes to the beautiful girls Lea and Bibi for showing me around and give me such a nice time with you. You do a very good job!

This is how it lookes like, when my camera horse and me are on a trip 😉

There were a few dogs as well, and i got to know a very interesting breed, the Spanish Waterdog. I new them a bit from Germany, but at the farm there live fife of them, and now i really like this breed! Calm, relaxed, friendly dogs.

Thank you for the good time we spent together and for the funny evenings with the girls..

Amazing scenery, nice people. Spain, i will definitely come back. Maybe with my horse the next time?