I have been supporting the Wagner family on the farm on a friendly bond for many years. There I like to spend time and enjoy watching the animals in free-range husbandry, sorting eggs (it heaps up a lot with 1800 laying hens), making straw and feeding the animals. There I like to buy, because I know what I eat and know the processing of sausage, meat & co. from beginning to the end. I also participate in the annual farm celebration “Hoffest” in April every year. Shortly I will take care of the facebook page. I look forward to working with you!

Since the beginning of 2017, I have supported the project “Dein-Sternenkind” as a voluntary photographer. Kai Gebel founded the organization in 2013 and I am proud to be a part of the team. We are growing steadily. In the meantime, we are more than 600 voluntary photographers in Germany and Austria and are able to cover almost all of our assignments.
More information in “Press”.

Since 2017 i collaborate on a regular basis with the well-known animal communicator and author Linda Tellington-Jones from Canada. To me it is a great pleasure being able to accompany her seminars as a photographer and student. Some of my photos were already selected for the TTouch-newsletter, the website and the respective Facebook page. Linda developed the “TTouch method”, a specific technique for humans and animals utilizing gentle and cautious touches to promote healing, alleviate pain and to increase the overall well-being. Today, even with an elevated age of 81 years she is still spreading her principles all over the world.
In case you are interested in or want to learn about the details and secrets about TTouch, you’re welcome to visit her website…

Here too, I can look back on a long-lasting friendship with the Buddhists. The Buddhists are networked world-wide. So, it was a great gift for me to visit the Sangha-friends in South Africa, Australia and other countries. Everywhere I was received with open arms. Thank you at this point for allowing me to experience this extraordinary way of connecting and trusting you. I continue supporting you voluntarily with my photographic skills. Pictures of this can also be found in my gallery.

Since a long time i’m a client of Saal, because their photobooks and prints do have an incredible quality, also the service is highly recommendable. Whenever i have to order something, i order it here.

Zu Beginn habe ich verschiedene Online Anbieter von Fotobüchern und -Abzügen getestet, hier hat mich Saal Digital überzeugen können. Mit der Druckqualität und der Farbechtheit bin ich sehr zufrieden, ebenso wie mit dem Kundenservice. Hier habe ich schon zahlreiche Fotobücher erstellt und empfehle Saal Digital auch meinen Kunden weiter, um das Höchstmaß an Qualität bei Wandbildern oder Ähnlichem genießen zu können.

As an animal lover i love to work in projects together with people who love them as much as i do. I met Meike, a great person and animal comunicator which helps the (farm-) animals and owners to live a better life and to understand each other better. She inspires the owners and gives advices which are very useful for both, the animals and the owners.