In May i supported the Six Points Cycling Challenges in Mallorca with photos and a video. I proudly say that my pictures appeared in the Newspaper “The Islander”!

Here is the link to the online version:

Last summer i got an award for my job as an international and worldwide traveling photographer and for my social engagement. I am very proud and met great people with very social projects, too. Our Newspaper “Die Rheinpfalz” reported about it…

Every year the Langklingerhof, a Freerange Farm is carrying out an event, where you can see all the animals and get information about the work. Since a few years we support us and it is a pleasure for me to provide a picture from the event 2017, to decorate the newspapers with it and make advertisement for our upcoming event.

Did you know that i create the Facebook Page for the beautiful farm?

This year i was invited for the third time, to take pictures of the world famous animal communicator, writer and inventor of the TTouch-method. Linda Tellington-Jones, a wonderful woman who changes the world with her knowledge, stayed in Germany from the 4th-6th of April 2018, where i took pictures of the course she has given near Bremen, north Germany. It was a special experience, as usual… I went back home with a lot of inspiration and i am so thankful to meet such wonderful people like Linda, her husband Roland and the hole TTouch-family… A big “thank you” to Karin, who managed everything and shared her knowledge as well!

We spent day two on the beautiful stable “Heidehof Wolfsgrund” from Volker Peatzold. I am still impressed of that stunning stable and the magical atmosphere there. A very special place, that i can highly recommend!

On top of that i met Dr. Daniela Zurr, a beautiful Vet with a very special engagement and empathy. Congratulations for becoming an TTouch-Instructor, i am very proud of you!

Here you can see a few of the publications. Also in the regional newspaper appeared an article about Linda’s visit with a picture that i took…

As i traveled to Namibia in January 2018, i worked for the Safari Company “Wild Dog Safari”. I made two Safaris with them, to capture the Wildlife. Soon my pictures will decorate their Website and some of them already appeared on Facebook. Here you get an idea of the pictures i took there.
Thank you for your trust, i really enjoyed working with and for you. I can highly recommend Wild Dog Safari.

As you might have seen at the kathegorie “partner”, i work as a volunteer photographer for the institution “Dein Sternenkind”. A few weeks ago, i attendet my fifth death baby (in Germany we call it “Sternenkind”) and took pictures for the parents. Memories, that will never dissapear.
The parents wrote a report, which was published on Facebook and the DSK Website.
It is so important for us to get this acknowledgement for our work.

This is a very sensitive Topic and because of this i only copied the first lines. If you want to read the whole article including pictures, please follow the link.

Our very famous newspaper “Die Rheinpfalz” wrote an article about me and my work.
I am very happy with it, thank you!

The first time a photo taken by me appeared in the newspaper was when i collaborated with Edition Boiselle. I joined Linda Tellington-Jones and her great husband Roland in Bad Orb, Germany for her birthday party to take photographes.

It was a wonderful oportunity to get to know the “TTouch-Familiy”! Linda is renowned for her sensitive and magical work with horses and other animals, and also with human beings.

If you like to know more about Linda and her work, you are welcome to check out the following websites: